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The Authors

The authors of this book Lyttle and Thomas, both view ourselves as true 1980s dancehall soldiers. It is our deep passion for the Dancehall music and for its culture that has made us even more aware of the importance of preserving our history through meaningful literature.

Born and raised in Jamaica West Indies, it has always been our desire and goal to learn everything possible about the inner-circles of the Dancehall Culture that surrounded us. As youths growing up in the 1980s, we both got involved with the local Sound Systems in our communities with the hope of some day chanting our way to stardom.

With this strong love of chanting along with our vast experiences of many countless "dusk till dawn" dancehall sessions grooving wherever the music led us, we like many other true dancehall fans have grown to appreciate the 1980s decade. This era is indeed the true cornerstone of the globalization of dancehall music, leading it to becoming this great phenomenon we are now witnessing that has crossed every continent around the world.

While some may view Dancehall as a mere sub-genre of Reggae music, we the authors see it as a complete entity in itself. It is a culture, it is a way of life, and it is also an entertainment resource for its people. As 80s dancehall soldiers and undying reggae fans, we present to all dancehall people the book; "In the 80's Dancehall, Reggae Recall".

Let's Read, Relax, Learn and Enjoy!