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In the 80' Dancehall - When Dancehall Was Nice is a very credible first hand insight into a diverse decade of entertainment in JA. I had the privilege of encountering this first hand with one of the Author - Lenworth Lyttle and his friend Ranking Joe, It describes loads of the major sounds on the island during that period and includes pictures of operators and entertainers, writer Lenworth Lyttle and Paul Thomas has done a supurb job at bringing such a heap of information down into one book.

RedRobin - NZ Reggae Journalist, October - 2013

Unique among books covering the dancehall phenomenon, this engaging work provides an introductory overview and then delves deeply into the (mostly) Jamaican soundsystems that defined the era. While most previous works have dealt exclusively with the artists, studios and recordings, this book is rooted in the live presentation of a music whose very name indicates its root in performance. The authors know their stuff, and have a clear love for the music and the culture. Separate essays dealing with various aspects of the music close the book, but the heart of the text opens the gates to the various sounds like Black Scorpio, Jack Ruby Hi Power, Arrows, Volcano, Metro Media, Stone Love and many many more. The book includes two CDs and is an indispensable work for those who collect and trade soundsystem tapes or want a better understanding of one of reggae's most fascinating eras.

Anthony Postman - Editor, Reggae Festival Guide Magazine

Who cork di dance? Let this book take you back in time and tell you, as soon as you pick up this book you instantly enter a warp into Real 80s Dancehall music which cannot be emulated by listening to cassettes.

The authors cover everything in Dancehall culture from the heartbeat being the sound systems, the pulse being the lyricists, to even the Peanut Man and Soupie. Never before have I read such an in depth insight into the Culture of 80s dancehall music leaving no stone unturned. You learn how sound systems would string up, the sounds from the 80s and thier artists, classic venues where BIG dances where held, but mainly the CuLTuRE in its entirety! This is a must read for any LOVER or FAN of any era of Dancehall music as the 80s is what's known as the FOUNDATION. Read this book and you will find out why.

DJ Vase - London, UK

I bought this book and got the 2 CD's with it. "DAMN" what a good book and worth the money)!! My cousin from UK told me about the book/CD's and sent me the link. I ordered it and I learned what Reggae & Dancehall is all about. Now I can talk the talk and make people that think they know their stuff look like the Bull Sh*ters most are. Reggae is a true art that you can learn all about from this material. If you like Reggae I recommend u get this book and the CD's that come together. Happy shopping brothers…

Mark S - New Jersey/Americas

Cool Book Man! My son is reading it as well. When is part 2 coming out?

Joseph - out of LA.

The book is great with all the Info u want to know about. I like the pictures as well, good deal for the book and cd's…

Keith - Brooklyn/NY